In beTWEEN an issues-based TV series for 9-13 year olds


39 episode x 30 minutes

In beTWEEN is an issues-based TV series dedicated to 9-13 year olds.

We tackle issues that tweens want more information on.  We cover everything from the environment and what it really means to be green to the news and understanding how it shapes the world tweens see. We also pay a visit to youth parliament, tackle the tough topic of anger, hang out with a rainbow family, check out the latest gadgets, find out where our food comes from and loads more.

Each episode is filmed in a studio with presenters Julia Bloore and Jeremy Hollis who are joined by a live audience of tweens who get the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and even interview the studio guests who are a mix of celebrities and experts in their field.

In beTWEEN is a unique TV series that aims to provide good, clear and accessible information, that young people can use in their day to day lives.  We shot a beginner’s guide for all episodes, check them out on YouTube

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