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K-pop is Korean pop culture that involves dancing, singing, rapping and fashion. Combine them altogether we’ve got something really, really cool! The person to bring K-Pop to our screens is New Zealand’s very own Queen of K-Pop, dancer choreographer and instructor Rina Chae.


With K-POP now an edgy, sassy, global craze with catchy tunes and exciting fun dances, we drew on Rina’s expertise to make our very own homegrown New Zealand K-POP ACADEMY.   A select squad of talented tweens & teens aged 11-15 years old are our stars!

We ran auditions choosing the best of the best who could dance, sing & rap to be part of our K-POP ACADEMY.  The diverse level of talent was impressive, but unfortunately not everyone who auditioned was able to successfully combine the skills of dancing, singing and rapping to be part of one of our K-Pop groups.

‘You can be the dopest dancer in the room but if you don’t know how to perform with your face then in K-Pop it’s not good’

Rina Chae Dance Choreographer / Instructor

The successful candidates are a diverse bunch of kiwi kids with backgrounds including Korean, Maori, Russian, Samoan, Cook Islander, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African and NZ European. Some have years of dance training behind them, others are self-taught having learnt K-Pop moves and grooves by watching online K-Pop music videos.

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“The best gig I ever attended was a K-Pop concert”


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