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If you thought Season’s 1 & 2 of K-Pop Academy were Fyrrrree, then wait until you see Season 3 with a whole lot more sass, swag and even more style!

Watch as we level up with a heap of crazy new talent who can who can dance, sing, and rap along with some specialist waackers, poppers and krumpers.

NZ K-Pop Queen Rina Chae is back with and her talented team of choreographers – David Fung, Heidi Chen, Celina Torres and William Boquiron using their powerful moves and vibes to create seven new dances for our seven new songs. Vocal coach Turanga Merito does the mahi with our vocalists preparing them to record the lyrics for our exciting new songs Bojiima, Enough, Never Know, Molae, Vibe, Last Time which the first ever trilingual K-Pop song composed with lyrics in Korean, English and Te Reo Maori and The Mashup dance, K-Pop Academy’s biggest routine ever! 

Following on from the K-Pop Academy journeys of Season’s 1 and 2 , we continue to break out to tell the back stories of some of our new K-Pop stars, discovering the source of their inspiration – basketball, bebopping, rock climbing, a young entrepreneur who runs her own business, a Korean dalgona connoisseur who makes her own  just like Squid Games, a lego fanatic and cat-walker, a couple of mini muso’s, some animal lovers and of course they’re all super keen dancers!

Alongside the 8 x episodes are 8 x Tutorials, where Rina and dancers from each group break down and demonstrate each dance so viewers can learn them at home.

Each song also has a music video resembling the styles the big time K-Pop groups.

In sync with K-Pop Academy being released on HeiHei / TVNZ +, the music tracks will be released on Spotify with additional content released TikTok and Instagram – so watch out for when it all drops.


K-Pop Academy is funded by NZ On Air and will be released on HeiHei on TVNZ +

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