A close look at the New Zealand environment and the way we treat it.

Keeping it Pure

6 episodes x 60 minutes | Prime TV

This series about the New Zealand environment and the way we treat it. It looks at some of the major problems facing the environment and the things that people are doing to protect it.

With an eye on the economic implications of “greening” the economy, the series canvasses the opinion of leading scientists, environmentalists, farmers and business leaders as it examines the importance to New Zealand of Keeping It Pure.

Contact us if you would like more detailed information of weblinks for topics covered in this series. Promos for all episodes can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Aotearoa, New Zealand is a country of such spectacular natural beauty that, few questions were asked when Tourism New Zealand labelled the country 100% pure in 1999.  After all, compared to most other countries, New Zealand is clean and green.


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