Kitchen Science

25 x 5 minute episodes|HeiHei

‘Kitchen Science’ is a brand-new series for HeiHei and a guaranteed boredom buster. Nano-engineer and science super-hero, Dr Michelle Dickinson has created the perfect pastime for young viewers (and older ones too).

Over 30 DIY science recipes are created across 25 episodes that will teach young viewers to bubble, burn, levitate and catapult their way into understanding different scientific concepts.

In each 5 – 8 minute episode, Michelle is joined by one or two special science helpers, and sometimes their parents join in too.  Using everyday ingredients and basic kitchen equipment, young viewers can turn their own home into a mini science lab, no Bunsen burners or test tubes required!

The experiments cover a range of different scientific concepts.  Spinning water and straw rockets are fun and engaging and help explain centripetal force and air pressure.  Unicorn noodles are a visual and edible lesson in the pH scale while the dancing ghost helps explain electro-statics.  A candle made out of a nut?  A soap-powered boat? A chicken in a cup?  It’s all possible on ‘Kitchen Science.’

Fun, exciting and educational, it’s the perfect watch for all future problem solvers of the world.

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