Kitchen Science

43 x 5 minute episodes|HeiHei

Science is everywhere – even in your kitchen!


Kitchen Science is back, with more science bundled up in edible entertainment,

helping tamariki all over New Zealand create results that are literally, good enough to eat!

Nanogirl extraordinaire, Michelle Dickinson, returns with 18 brand-new kitchen experiments for kids and the whole whanau to enjoy – with the added-bonus that all of them are simply, delicious.

A host of fantastic children join her again, to show viewers how your home kitchen doubles a science lab – as they bake, pour, stir and whip up a variety of tasty treats that also demonstrate the science behind cooking.  Our Kitchen Science tamariki fans are in for fun a plenty as we take ingredients you can find in your kitchen, and unravel some interesting facts that might surprise people and help us look at food in a whole new way.

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