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Milennium Teens

In January 2000 seven babies were born into the new Millennium. They came from all over New Zealand. They were all first borns to their fresh faced young parents who shared their hopes, dreams and aspirations for their children’s lives.

The families were filmed when their babies were 6-8 weeks old, we filmed with them again in early 2003 to make the documentary Millennium Families. Then in 2017 with their 18th birthdays approaching, 6 of the teens agreed to take part in a follow up episode .

We also explore the nature vs nurture debate. The Teens are shown the original interviews with their parents, and talk about how much they have fulfilled their parents’ hopes and expectations.

For some nature is remarkably pronounced either in passions, aspirations and attitudes, while others show evidence of nurture that has led to them becoming the individuals they want to be.

In Millennium Teens each teen shares their own story to tell of both the fun times and the challenges that have made them the people they are now.




1 episode x 60 minutes|

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