Keeping the masses moving and safe are the Motorway Patrol.

Motorway Patrol

206 episodes x 30mins | TVNZ 2

Auckland’s motorway network: Over a million vehicles per day driving 900 kilometres of lanes. Keeping the masses moving and safe are the Motorway Patrol.

Shot during Auckland’s 2019/2020 summer drought, the conditions bring new challenges to the motorway officers, like embankment scrub fires that blind the traffic with dense smoke. The heat raises temperatures and tempers, and road-rage flares. Some drivers boil full-steam into debates about the law, while others try to chill out by toking and driving.

Just when we think the drunk drivers can’t get any drunker, they blow higher EBA scores than ever before. We meet the boozed driver who takes a swing at an officer, and the sloshed motorway walker who shoves a sergeant.

There’s plenty of speedo action – kilometres per hour, not togs –  with police lasering some shocking speedsters: A crash at 180 km/h turns a car into a sled.

It’s not all law enforcement. The officers of the motorway patrol are always ready to help, whether it’s talking a stressed woman through an anxiety attack, locating an elderly gent who has been missing for hours, or saving a driver after a cardiac arrest.

Motorway Patrol is there again for all the best – and worst – action on the tarseal.

In 2019 we celebrated Motorway Patrol’s 20TH birthday and we celebrated that birthday with a look back at everything from crashes and smashes, brawls and drunks to the many laugh-out-loud moments that have made the show a national institution.  Check it out

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