Keeping the masses moving and safe are the Motorway Patrol.

Motorway Patrol

229 episodes x 30mins | TVNZ 2 | 3 x 44 special episodes | TVNZ2

Auckland’s Motorway Patrol cops cover 220 kilometres of the busiest roads in the country, dealing with all the hapless, clueless, and reckless drivers on it.

They’ve finally been let out of Covid lockdown, and Auckland motorists have forgotten how to drive. Some are making up for lost time by going twice their normal pace. 177 kilometres per hour is crazy enough, but police are stunned to find the driver is only 17.

Stretching your legs after isolation is great, but not on the motorway. There’s hitch-hiking hijinks from the drunk and disoriented who don’t seem aware they’re wandering way out of line.

Everyone is excited to get takeaways again, but instead of blowing on the pie, it’s a pie blowing up! Three cars are written off and so is lunch in this vegan-pork pile-up.

Many jobs are now work-from-home, but some people still need to get face-to-face with their customers. A driver’s plans for dealing drugs are axed when he’s caught with meth and a tomahawk in the car at an alcohol checkpoint.

Motorway Patrol is there again for all the best – and worst – action on the tarseal.

In 2019 we celebrated Motorway Patrol’s 20TH birthday and we celebrated that birthday with a look back at everything from crashes and smashes, brawls and drunks to the many laugh-out-loud moments that have made the show a national institution.  Check it out

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