Featuring all the terrible decision-makers, careless drivers, crashes, close calls and gas-fueled gymnastics the series is renowned for.

Motorway Patrol

196 episodes x 30mins | TVNZ 2

Auckland’s motorway network: Over a million vehicles per day driving 900 kilometres of lanes. Keeping the masses moving and safe are the Motorway Patrol.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes Motorway Patrol’s drunkest driver ever. It’s amazing he’s still standing let alone driving.  It’s a season for outbursts: a disqualified driver is so angry he rips apart his steering wheel, another has racked up $1500 in seatbelt fines but still refuses to belt up, and then there’s the man who has a bizarrely hysterical reaction to a $150 ticket.

ATOC motorway cameras capture the distressing moment when a biker slides under a double-trailer truck and a driver gets his car up onto the median barrier.  ATOC are also the first to spot livestock making their getaway on the freeway. There’s a grumpy cow on the Northwestern, two feisty sheep on the Northern, and it’s a total mare on the Southern when a horse float with three thoroughbreds wipes out.

Ride along again as the Motorway Patrol tackle motorway mahem.

In 2019 we celebrated Motorway Patrol’s 20TH birthday and we celebrated that birthday with a look back at everything from crashes and smashes, brawls and drunks to the many laugh-out-loud moments that have made the show a national institution.  Check it out

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