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My Life is Murder

Some ex-cops just can’t quit.
When Alexa Crowe packed up her life in Australia and moved to New Zealand, she expected to bake some amazing sourdough, reconnect with her brother and enjoy some relaxing solitude in her hometown. But it didn’t take long until this irrepressible investigator found herself poking her nose into a bizarre unsolved murder case that no one else could solve. And then another and another and then suddenly hiding from the world and baking endless loaves of sourdough wasn’t quite enough anymore.

Some things will never change.

But now she’s been in Auckland for a while, some things are starting to shift. She’s built a small community of friends and fellow investigators in Madison, Harry and Reuben and while her time in Melbourne saw her dealing with the loss of her husband, and her arrival in Auckland saw her coming to terms with her childhood, Alexa is finally starting to look to the future and what she wants to do next.

She’s not the only one embracing life in Aotearoa, as Madison has happily settled into Auckland life. She’s determined to finally get away from the computer screen and in front of the suspects… she just needs to convince Alexa she’s ready.

And Alexa’s beloved city of Tāmaki Makaurau continues to shine as a character in itself.




20 episodes x 44 minutes

Production year/s:

2020, 2022


Supported By

TVNZ, ACORN TV, DCD RIGHTS, NETWORK 10 and The New Zealand Film Commission Screen Production Grant


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