Watch your speed....and buckle up. You're about to be Nabbed!


10 episodes x 30 minutes | TVNZ

Nabbed, gives viewers the lowdown on operations targeting illegal street racing, dangerous and drink driving, reckless speeding and other road-related crime across the region. These are the roads. Observe the rules. Watch your speed … and buckle up. You’re about to be Nabbed!

The series is filmed in and around a surging, frustrating, expanding Super City. It’s home to 1.5 million Aucklanders and one million vehicles. Every now and then there’s going to be problems.

Introducing the men and women of the Road Crime, Traffic Alcohol and Road Policing Teams. It’s not a job for everyone. It takes patience and a sense of humour to deal with drivers, who drive everyone else to distraction.

Funded by

Greenstone TV

“Action-packed, with a good dose of character is what sets Nabbed apart from other cop shows on air”

Tash Christie, producer reveals

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