Price of Sex

‘Price of Sex’ is an effervescent new series that takes a long hard look at the contribution sex makes to New Zealand both socially and financially, with the overarching premise of finding out; who’s getting hurt, who’s getting helped and who’s getting paid? This show has been made by millennials for millennials with a Kiwi focus front and centre. It delves into how we, with an evolving sexual landscape, consume sex.


It’s an 8-part series originally created for an online platform. Each chapter is dedicated to investigating a specific area within the sexual realm;

Porno Sex – Where’s our local economy at and for those viewing it, what are the impacts?

Phoney Sex – We look at the pros and cons of dating in a digital era.

Work Sex – It’s the oldest profession around but still kept in the dark today, let’s bring it out.

Safe Sex – Hello chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis! But perhaps goodbye fertility?

Holistic Sex – It’s time to open up inner sanctums and find the path to erotic enlightenment.

Too Much Sex – What is sex “addiction”? And how can people affected get help?

Future Sex – We lube up and dive into the world of dildos, dolls and sexy injections.

Youth & Sex – Porn; the unwelcome sex-ed teacher, but what’s happening to students?


The vibe of ‘Price of Sex’ offers a fresh spin on consumer affairs married with open minded doco-style stories and insights. There’s plenty of grit and confronting cause-for-contemplation but this is offset with charming humour throughout. The overall aesthetic is a gentle nod to the neon-caked 1980’s when the millennial era kicked off. Each consumer segment takes inspiration from its topic and subject.

The series is driven by four millennial hosts and reporters who each bring something different to the mix; in the studio, we have the sassy Raven and debonair Hamish guiding us between stories. In the field is journalistic Verity Johnson and social influencing Kris Fox.

The ultimate takeaway from this series aims to empower Generation Y’ers with knowledge, raise eyebrows and mostly importantly prompt more conversation about sex and sexuality in this country.

View OnDemand 1st August

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