Raise My Kids, No experts, No Nannies!

Raise My Kids

8 episodes x 60 minutes | TVNZ 2

Is parenting all it’s cracked up to be? Is it as easy as people would like you to think? Are three kids easier than one? RAISE MY KIDS is a brand new series, which takes one couple thinking about children, gives them an instant family to find out the answers! No experts, No Nannies!

This is not a reality show where the aim is to catch people out. There is no first prize or reward – the experience is the prize – much like actual parenting. RAISE MY KIDS aims to give couples debating the issue of children the chance to try their hand at parenting in a controlled situation with children they already know.

The show is designed is to give couples a true taste of raising children and the chance to practice their child rearing theories in a real life setting. There is no experience like loving and raising your own kids, but no better reality check than actual extended time with children to know what parenting is all about.

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