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Whether they have it or not, if there’s one thing New Zealanders love to discuss round the barbecue it’s property – the predictions, the auctions and the aspirations.  Some Kiwis are lucky enough to own not just one, but two properties and that’s where TVNZ’s Renters – comes in.

In its tenth season, Renters accompanies professional Property Managers on their daily inspections. Some rentals are fine but some are festering, leaving the PMs to clean, repair – and in extreme cases – facilitate the eviction of tenants through the courts.

From the far North to the deep South of Aotearoa, Renters chronicles a range of scenarios from unpaid rent to unwanted cockroaches, holey walls to no walls at all. Our hardy Property Managers have seen it all, and have stories to tell more rugged than the Raukumara Ranges.

Inspire Invercargill Property Manager Tracy features in almost every episode of this year’s Renters, supporting desperate landlords struggling with meth contamination, mess, fire damage and even a fake landlord ripping off a real one.

Over in Cromwell, First National PM Rochelle gets ‘dumped’ by a runaway tenant, who has also unsurprisingly left his flat looking like a dump.

Back east in Christchurch, Good Girls’ Pru is tackling two different tenants from hell – who between them, have caused thousands of dollars of damage.

In the North Island, Wellington’s Trust Property Manager Jared,  invokes his inner ‘possum’, climbing a Pohutukawa to perform emergency, high-altitude tree surgery.

Further north in Foxton, Rentables’ Rebecca helps a landlord clean-up after an evicted tenant has squirted a mysterious white foam all over the walls before exiting stage left.

Auckland caps off the carnage with A Grade’s Tracy-Lee, Hollie Joss from HJPM, and Corinthian Property’s Michelle.

Going bush in a Northcote backyard, Tracy-Lee unearths a hidden mountain of rubbish. Hollie discovers a young man living in an unsanitary horse stable and he definitely isn’t the Messiah. Michelle finds a trifecta of terrors; mummified rats, a parliament of cockroaches and mysterious,  missing half toilet seat.

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