Tragedy and heroism on New Zealand's coastline.


7 episodes x 30 minutes | TVNZ

Tragedy and heroism on NZ’s coastline. Presented by Paul Gittins

Paul Gittins uncovers remarkable tales of danger, courage, and calamity on New Zealand shores. These are compelling sagas from our past – personal stories of settlers, travelers, sailors and traders – people whose lives were changed forever in one moment of peril at sea. Through documentary footage, dramatic flashbacks, interviews, computer graphics and archive photographs, Shipwreck offers a glimpse of our vibrant maritime history and a snapshot of the lives our grandparents and great grandparents.

“It’s the personal stories of the passengers and view that I find fascinating. Against an epic background, a ship breaking up on a reef or foundering in a storm, we tell the tales of those caught up in the moment – the heroic passenger, the unlucky midshipman, or the courageous harbourmaster.”

“The story of sixteen survivors adrift on a raft, the search for treasure scattered on the bottom of the sea, and saga of a handful of castaways wrecked on a desert island, the mystery of a ship that disappeared … these are some of the stories that Shipwreck will tell, stories from our often treacherous coastline”, Tony Manson, producer.


Best Information Programme (producer Tony Manson)

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