An exceptional story of six exceptional women

Women of Pike River

1 episode x 52 minutes | TVNZ

On the 19th November 2010, 29 men were killed in a disaster that should never have happened. A disaster that occurred because of the complete failure by Pike River Coal to follow the most basic work safety standards and an overriding motivation to make money at all costs.

For the families left behind, the ensuing days, weeks and years have been as dark and bleak as the underground mine itself.


The Women of Pike River follows a four year journey of six family members as they fight for justice, accountability and re-entry into the mine’s drift to retrieve evidence and the bodies of their loved ones.

This is the Pike River story that hasn’t been told. It’s a story of courage, fortitude and determination. A documentary that reveals the unrelenting, cruel rollercoaster ride of the mothers, sisters and wives, who were given hope and then kicked-in-the-guts at every turn.

An exceptional story of six exceptional women – Nan Dixon, Kath & Olivia Monk, Anna Osborne, Brenda Rackley and Sonya Rockhouse

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