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Riley Hathaway is a passionate young ambassador for all things under-the-sea.  In this series of YOUNG OCEAN EXPLORERS, Riley is joined by her Rangatahi friend Tiki Te Marino to journey through Northland. Along the way they meet new friends who invite them on local adventures to discover amazing ocean critters and their connection to Te Ao Māori.

Building on the success of the Young Ocean Explorers platform, this series of 6 minute stories deep dives into the history, practices and philosophies surrounding the relationship of Māori to moana. Riley’s guide is 16year old Tiki Te Marino, of Ngati Whakaue and Tuhoe descent, and like Riley he’s a passionate advocate for kaitiakitanga of our moana. Over six episodes Tiki takes Riley on tiki tours to secret pockets of the far north.

Each episode combines a fun activity with a  Te Ao Māori concept introduced by a local Pouako.  Tiki and Riley swim with whai at Rangiputa and then meet Waka Navigator Kahi to learn about Celestial Navigation. Lori-elle sets up a mint competition to weave  a kete and then they collect kaimoana with Wairere in the Hokianga. The King of the Dad jokes, Steve even shows up to take them on a search for Mangō before they meet modern-day Māori warrior, Eds for a Mau Rākau training session.

Each story is framed to engage the target audience of 7-12yr olds through a sense of wonderment, exploration and discovery with a meaningful focus on conservation from a Te Ao Māori – Whakamīharo!

All photos credit Richard Robinson

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“I can honestly say that the level of conversation that the Young Ocean Explorers material evokes is astounding.”

Year 2 teacher published in Gazette NC

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