Exploration of different religions from a New Zealand perspective

Yours Faithfully

8 x30 minutes |TVNZ OnDemand

There’s no doubt about it, the statistics show New Zealand is increasingly becoming a secular Country.  The presence of an ineffable God in our lives is being replaced by the inkling that Sundays are holy for reasons other than church.   But are we sure?

In the last twenty years New Zealand has become a, vibrant, diverse Nation and we now believe in an altar-load of different, exciting religions.   Yours Faithfully is an 8 part series exploring different religions from a New Zealand perspective.

Stand-up Comedian and son-of-a-preacher-man James Nokise takes us on an open-minded, curious experience of 8 different religions, in a bid to learn what makes their God, Gods or Buddhas tick.

James visits sacred spaces, meets religious leaders, catches up with families at events, attends festivals, chants, prays and meditates, to see what it’s like to be a believer.   Yours Faithfully provides perspective and insight for curious kiwis of all creeds who wonder what their neighbours believe in, why they dress differently and why their holy book might dictate what they have for dinner.  James takes us on a journey of discovery with a laugh or two along the way.

Yours Faithfully is a chance for all New Zealanders to embrace and understand each others differences while simultaneously finding the core beliefs and principles that connect us all.

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